Grow in your faith and meet others

Classes are offered here at Old Cutler throughout the year and are a great way to grow in your knowledge of the Bible and fall deeper in love with Christ.

Read about the classes being offered this semester:

Sundays beginning January 5th (9am - 10am)


The Minor Prophets will help you enjoy Jesus more deeply. Begin your journey to greater joy in Jesus through reading the Minor Prophets. Through these twelve short books you will learn to see wonderful things in God's word and shine into your heart brighter “the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ”. This class is led by Esmond Scott.


Most marriages don't fail because they lack love...they fail because they lack grace. Join Pastor Greg Foss as we look at the role grace plays in our marriages and discover how a Grace Filled Marriage leads to a life that truly makes a difference.


In this study, led by Barbara Barbier women will discuss the book of Esther, a beautiful story of one woman who courageously gave of herself for the will of God and His people. The events in the story of Esther reveal the plot of an evil man who desired to have God’s people destroyed, and the courage of one woman who stepped out in faith to turn that plan around. We can glean inspiration from her strength, her wisdom, and her dignity as we face our fears and boldly stand before the throne of God.


In this study, Hector Padron will discuss that the central truth of God’s saving grace is succinctly stated in the assertion, “Salvation is of the Lord.” This strong declaration means that every aspect of man’s salvation is from God and is entirely dependent upon God. This truth is best summarized in the doctrines of grace, which are total depravity, unconditional election, definite atonement, effectual calling, and preserving grace. These truths present the triune God as the author of our salvation from beginning to end. Each member of the Godhead—Father, Son, and Spirit—has a part to play in redemption, and they work together as one God to rescue those perishing under divine wrath. In perfect unity, the three divine persons do the work that hellbound sinners, utterly unable to save themselves, cannot do.


In this class, Dr. Woody Woodham shows that Revelation is above all a book about Jesus Christ. While intended to humble us by a vision of the absolute sovereignty of God over all events, past, present and future, it is also meant to comfort us in times of trouble with the knowledge of Christ's ultimate victory.

Wednesdays beginning January 15 (7pm - 8pm)


In this 7-week class, Pastor Mike will lead conversations about life's biggest questions. Everyone has legitimate questions about life, faith and purpose. We all wonder… so let’s Explore God together! Each week we will discuss one of the following questions:

  1. Does life have a purpose?

2. Is there a God?

3. Why does God allow pain and suffering?

4. Is Christianity too narrow?

5. Is Jesus really God?

6. Is the Bible reliable?

7. Can I know God personally?

Join us as we explore each topic during this class that will offer both teaching and times for open questions. Designed to be a safe place to explore your faith, this class is opened to the public and everyone's invited.