Sunday Classes (Fall)

Grow in Christ and Learn More About God's Word


Sundays from 9am - 10am, Beginning Sept. 15

This semester of classes offer experiences that are designed to help you know Jesus on a deeper level and learn valuable and practical ways to experience God’s presence in your life.

Classes on Sunday mornings include:


Pastor Mike leads this 7-week class for adults who are interested in becoming church members. This is a great place to get started, meet the staff, and learn about the church.

👉 THE TRUTH PROJECT | Hector Padron

Join Hector Padron for this comprehensive class that focuses on the relevance and importance of understanding the Bible and living the Biblical worldview in daily life.

👉 COLOSSIANS | Jay Reynardus

In this class led by Jay Reynardus, you’ll discover how the gospel bears fruit as you explore the supremacy of Christ and fullness of life found in Him.

👉 ECCLESIASTES | Esmond Scott

Explore life’s profound questions in this insightful class led by Esmond Scott that will discover timeless wisdom, understand life’s purpose, and deepen your faith.

👉 CHRISTIAN APOLOGETICS | Chris Coppolo and Alex Castano

Join Chris Coppolo and Alex Castano for this class that will strengthen your faith and teach you to defend your Christian beliefs with reason and evidence in an age of skepticism.

During the Sunday School Hour, programs are available for children birth - 12th grade.