Newly Elected Officers

Learn about the newly elected officers who will be serving Old Cutler

New Officers

The newly elected officers will be ordained and installed during the worship service this Sunday.

New Officers to Serve as Elder


Book of Church Order 8-2. He that fills this office should possess a competency of human learning and be blameless in life, sound in the faith and apt to teach. He should exhibit a sobriety and holiness of life becoming the Gospel. He should rule his own house well and should have a good report of them that are outside the Church.

Ray Fernandez-Andes

Ray Fernandez-Andes and his wife Patricia have been members since 2013. They have two sons: Christian and Joseph. Ray is a Board Member & Treasurer of Miami Youth for Christ and (BSF) group leader. He has been a Board Member & Treasurer of Florida Christian School since 2002 and co-leads a men’s discipleship group. He has previously served as an elder and currently leads a men's Bible study.

Damian Lue

Damian Lue and his wife Trudy have been members of Old Cutler since 2002. They have two children: Casey and Dillon. Damian and Trudy have enjoyed serving in the children’s ministry for over 15 years. Damian previously served as an elder for four years and has previously served with Habitat for Humanity and many other ministries. 

Steve Martinez

Steve Martinez and his wife Shannon have been members since 2016. They have two children, Tucker and Savannah. Steve currently serves as a deacon and was a former leader for men’s Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). He has also used his spiritual gifts of vision and foresight to help the church with site plans and construction. Steve and Shannon have been active in many local missions projects including our annual Turkey Drive, Operation Christmas Child and our current St. Vincent Relief Project.

Richard Morin

Richard Morin and his wife Lisellet have been members since 2008. Their children include, Matthew, Chantal, Jourilenn and Darius. Richard has served as a BSF Children’s leader. He has attended BSF for over 15 years, serves as a leader in the Cultural Engagement class and as a board member of Haiti Hope Alliance. Richard has previously served as an elder of our church and currently leads our Mission's ministry.

New Officers to Serve as Deacon


Book of Church Order 9-3. The office of deacon, which is spiritual in nature, shall be chosen men of spiritual character, honest repute, exemplary lives, brotherly spirit, warm sympathies, and sound judgment.

Ronald Hammon

Ronald "Ron" Hammon has been a member since 2016. Ron is currently in Seminary at the Liberty University School of Divinity where he is working on a Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies. He has led Small Groups and Bible studies at Old Cutler in the books of Galatians, Ephesians, and Philippians.

Steve Hendrikse

Steve Hendrikse and his wife Kim have been members of Old Cutler since 1986. They have two children, Madison and Brayden. Steve and Kim have been active in our children and student ministries. Steve has previously served as deacon of our church, serves as chair of the Mercy Ministry Committee, and has been active in many local missions projects including Agape work days, our annual Turkey Drive, Operation Christmas Child and Habitat for Humanity.

Ibrahim Sakkab

Ibrahim and his wife Lori have been members since 2019 and have attended Old Cutler since 1996. In 2008, Ibrahim took an overseas job where he attended an international church that is in many ways similar to Old Cutler. While overseas Ibrahim continued to teach Sunday school and served as a deacon before becoming an elder. Additionally, he led a small group at his home, led discipleship groups, served as an AWANA leader, and headed the elders and deacons nominating committee. In 2019, Ibrahim returned to Miami and OCPC, where he has continued working in Children’s Ministry, serves on the church security team, and attends BSF.

Corey Swenson

Corey Swenson and his wife Andrea have been members of Old Cutler since 2009. They have two daughters, Carina and Gabriella. Corey and his family began attending Old Cutler while his daughters attended Little Disciples Preschool. Corey has previously served as a deacon where he was able to use his gifts and talents to serve Old Cutler and its families.



Alex Barrero, George Hoffman, Stanley Kowlessar, Pete Waldman, Jim Bozek, George Brown, Drew Kern, Michael Larson, Art Baumann, Rick Cook, Hector Padron, Esmond Scott, Robert Wright


Felix Amador, Adam Robbins, Wally Allen, Alex Fundora, Guedy Saint-Germain, Francis Lee, Richard Woods Jr., Adolph Barclay, Joel Davis, Adam Gaschott, Nathan Hays, Mickey Lopez, Tony Mercadal